Pistol Courses

Pistol Courses

American Bodyguard Academy

Tactical pistols are semi-automatic firearms, with a high degree of reliability and accuracy. They’re great for self-defence, jobs that require a high level of personal protection. American Bodyguard Academy courses are designed to better your reactional and instinctive shooting techniques.

ABA Level 2 Basic Pistol

ABA Level 3 Basic Tactical 9mm Pistol

ABA level 4 Advanced Pistol 9mm - V.C.Q.B. (Vehicle Close Quarter Battle)

ABA Level 5 Dynamic Pistol 9mm

ABA Level 6 Advanced Tactical Pistol 9mm T.R.T.P. (Time Reaction and Target Perception)

IOF Level 1 (Pistol) Online Course

ABA Pistol Safety online course