Why Us?

“People are what matters most in business”

American Bodyguard Academy 

American Bodyguard Academy

American Bodyguard Academy

Let’s introduce some of our staff to you.
it’s not just any course or training, it’s a solid life changing experience.
ABA Has a unique blend of operators, instructors, assessors and administration.

From our own administration to our lead instructor, ABA is proud of the knowledge and expertise of their staff it gives us the motivation every day and exceeds expectations to the end user.

ABA is  also proud to be a centre for some of the most recognised security and educational bodies within the security and education industry. For instance, the NRA (National Rifle Association), PROQUAL, QNUK (Qualifications Network) OFQUAL, SIA (Security Industry Authority), IOF (Institute Of Firearms) ABA writes government security doctrines, risk mitigation risk reduction assessments, health and safety assessments to name a few.

"Lead instructor with 35 years’ experience in the security industry and one of the most recognised Bodyguards in the industry. CW (nicknamed “Actionman”) has worked in HEP and EP industry since 1982 and as a weapons specialist has written many of the weapons manuals that are used for the training material for PSD and PSC courses."


"One of the most prolific Krav Maga fighters this decade, ranked within the 10 best fighters and instructors in the world. This former military officer is also a weapons specialist."


"One of the UK’s hardest men and Krav Maga instructors, ex-military from the 2 Para regiment IG keeps the fighting instruction real. Using real scenarios and with improvised tools."


"This unique individual has the logistical background to organise an army. His skill in organisation is unsurpassed. GC runs the Youth sector with his all-round skill and knowledge of business."


"Our own hero within the US Naval and Marine Corps, highly dedicated to logistics and team leader tasking, CJ is a survival expert on land and sea. With a great knowledge of flying and sailing."


"Here we are with our own ex-military instructor gaining the Purple Heart Medal for his battles and campaigns over the past two decades. RF is a specialist in Weapons and Krav Maga. RF is the USA GI Joe with campaign medals."


"Our very own GI Jane, with her knowledge of weapons including being an NRA Chief Range Officer, NRA instructor and Surveillance expert, although her greatest attribute is actually in teaching. TJ is one of our main assessors gaining her long list of assessor accreditations in the UK. TJ is our main center contact for USA & Middle East."

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