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Welcome to the American Bodyguard Academy’s Teaching & Training Program – Shaping the Future of Educators!

Unlock Your Potential:

Embark on a rewarding journey with our Teaching & Training course, designed for individuals aspiring to become teachers or assistant teachers. This program is crafted to provide a perfect blend of theory and practical training, focusing on key units:
Principles of Teaching and Learning:

Gain insights into effective teaching methodologies, understanding diverse learning styles, and creating engaging learning environments.

Delivery of Teaching and Training:
Master the art of delivering impactful training sessions, honing your communication skills, and adapting to the needs of your audience.
Exceptional Instruction from Experienced Educators:    
Learn from our seasoned instructors who hold the highest qualifications in teaching and assessments. Benefit from their wealth of experience to acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical teaching skills.

Recruitment Opportunities:

Our Teaching & Training courses offer more than just education; they pave the way for career opportunities. At ABA, we are committed to nurturing dedicated individuals. Even if you lack experience, our courses will train you to graduate with exceptional knowledge and competency.

ABA Level 2 Certificate in Teaching & Training Assistance

ABA Level 3 Certificate in Teaching & Training

Proqual Level 3 Certificate in Teaching & Training

ProQual Level 3 Certificate in Teaching, Training & Assessment

ABA Level 3 Certificate in Teaching, Training & Assessment

Exceptional Graduates, Exceptional Opportunities:

Stand out, and you might find yourself with recruitment opportunities to work with the American Bodyguard Academy or collaborate with our domestic and international partners. Excel in your training, and the doors to an exciting career in education will open for you.

Accreditation for Excellence:

Rest assured that our Teaching & Training courses hold accreditation from the American Bodyguard Academy, CPD Awarding Body, and ProQual Awarding Body. This recognition ensures that you receive high-quality education and a certification that is globally recognized.

Flexible Learning Options:

Enroll today for our online instructor-led courses. Whether you’re looking to enhance your teaching skills or starting your journey toward becoming an educator, our courses provide the ideal platform.

Shape minds, inspire futures – enroll in the ABA Teaching & Training Program and ignite your passion for education. Your transformative journey starts here!