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“Change is the end result of all true learning.”
– Leo Buscaglia

American Bodyguard Academy 

Bodyguard Academy 

American Bodyguard Academy

Embark on a Journey to Excellence

At American Bodyguard Academy, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of courses meticulously designed to equip you with the cutting-edge skills required in today’s dynamic protection and safety industry. Whether you’re drawn to the world of Artificial Intelligence, seeking advanced training in close protection, aiming to become a stalwart in health and safety, or aspiring to nurture minds as a teacher or assessor, our academy is poised to transform your aspirations into reality.

A Spectrum of Learning Modalities

Understanding the evolving needs of our learners, we deliver unparalleled flexibility through our multifaceted training modules:
Online Learning:  
Immerse yourself in a rich online learning experience with the convenience of self-paced study.
Live Training:  
Engage in real-time with our expert instructors through live sessions that promise interactive and instant feedback.
Hybrid Programs:    
Benefit from the blend of online and in-person training to enjoy the best of both worlds, ensuring comprehensive skill acquisition.
Globally Recognized and Accredited Training    
Our training goes beyond traditional boundaries — every course at the American Bodyguard Academy is accredited, ensuring that our certifications are not only recognized globally but also revered as a hallmark of quality and excellence. Take the lead in your profession with credentials that speak volumes of your expertise.
World-Class Instruction      
Led by an elite cadre of instructors from the US UK Europe Asia and the Middle East, including ex-military personnel and civilian authorities, we boast a teaching fraternity that truly embodies the titanhood of the industry. Our unique ‘crawl, walk, run’ approach to training ensures a structured, progressive learning curve, setting a solid foundation that gradually escalates to advanced tactics and strategies.
Our Commitment to You      
At American Bodyguard Academy, we pride ourselves on authenticity, integrity, and the warmest learner support. Integrity runs through the core of our engagements, and we pledge unwavering dedication to your success. Our friendly administration team is always on standby, eager to assist you at every turn.

Take the decisive step towards shaping your future with us. For queries or more information, reach out to our team at [email protected]. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, where excellence is not just taught, but instilled.


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