ABA Advanced Tactical Pistol 9mm T.R.T.P. (Time Reaction And Target Perception)

Advanced Tactical Pistol 9mm Live Firearms


Any time of the month


3 Days




USA, UK, Lebanon and Thailand

Course Information

Time reaction and target perception are the combat tested and widely accepted shooting concept where the proper mindset, marksmanship and manipulation are the core skills of a tactical shooter. Once critical individual skills are established, students can systematically progress to more specialized and tactical training. With the  trtp system, you will be able to engage in the fire-contact situation around 1 second. The trtp systems are efficient and dedicated for pistol

Low light and no light advanced skills on the handgun teaches low-light principles and applications for everyday carry. In this program, you will learn to navigate, search, identify and engage threats using low-light and no-light techniques and working in teams.

 During the active range days,  students will learn to manipulate your weapon in low light or no-light environments, using a torch and other adaptions and attachments to your guns and body. The majority of the class will be running through scenarios and live-fire drills on the range.


ABA Level 6 Tactical Advanced T.R.T.P. 9mm Live Pistol Training


  • Online ABA Pistol Safety course
  • ABA Basic Pistol
  • ABA Basic Tactical 9mm Pistol
  • ABA Advanced Pistol 9mm – V.C.Q.B. (Vehicle Close Quarter Battle)
  • ABA Dynamic Pistol 9mm


  • Safety briefing

  • Pistol/carbine unconventional shooting position

  • Fundamentals of weapon manipulation and marksmanship

  • TRTP Stage 1: tactical reload shooting with a client / cpsd weak hand shooting drills: single-hand manipulation concealed and open carry / ccfccs / concealed and cover shooting / multiple target engagement – static and moving index shoot I.R. / immediate firing response


  • TRTP stage 2: swat sse pistol/carbine: with time pressure and without / tactical transition in motion tst and t.S.M. Engagements contact drills / team works of obstacle and obstruction iron and aim point shooting-reflex llsd (low light shooting drills)shooting under stress / irs suppressive fire techniques

  • Summary of the course: de-briefing & q&a’s weapons: glock 17, glock19