Proqual Level 3 Certificate in Teaching, Training and Assessment

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Welcome to the American Bodyguard Academy’s ProQual Level 3 Certificate in Teaching, Training, and Assessment!

Course Overview:

Embark on a transformative educational journey with our ProQual Level 3 Certificate program, meticulously designed to elevate your teaching, training, and assessment expertise. This comprehensive qualification, accredited by the prestigious ProQual Awarding Body, provides you with the essential knowledge and skills required for success in the field of education.

Key Features:

In-Depth Exploration:

Immerse yourself in a curriculum that delves into the intricacies of teaching, training, and assessment, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of these vital educational components.

Flexible Learning:

Whether you prefer self-paced learning or guided instruction, our program accommodates your unique learning style. Choose the mode of instruction that aligns with your schedule and preferences.

ProQual Accreditation:

Gain a qualification that is recognized and respected within the education and training industry. The ProQual Level 3 Certificate is a testament to your commitment to excellence and proficiency in teaching, training, and assessment.

Course Modules:

Our program is structured to cover a range of crucial topics, aligning with the ProQual specifications. From understanding roles and responsibilities to implementing effective assessment practices, each module contributes to your holistic development as an educator.

Enrollment Opportunities:

Open doors to various educational settings, from traditional classrooms to online platforms. The ProQual Level 3 Certificate equips you with the versatility needed to excel in diverse teaching and training environments.
Empower yourself with a qualification that signifies excellence in education. Enroll in the American Bodyguard Academy’s ProQual Level 3 Certificate in Teaching, Training, and Assessment, and take the next step towards a successful career in education!


Proqual Level 3 Certificate in Teaching, Training and Assessment




Unit L/507/5223
Principles of teaching, learning and assessment, Level 3

  • Understand the principles of
  • 2 Understand the principles of planning in teaching and training
  • 3 Understand how to evaluate teaching and training sessions
  • 4 Understand the principles and requirements of assessment
  • 5 Understand different types of assessment method
  • 6 Understand how to plan assessment
  • 7 Understand how to make assessment decisions
  • 8 Understand quality assurance of the assessment process

Unit F/507/5221
Delivering teaching, training and assessment Level 3

  • 1 Be able to use different methods of teaching or training delivery to ensure learning
  • 2 Be able to evaluate the delivery of teaching and training sessions
  • 3 Be able to prepare the assessment of the outcome of teaching and training sessions
  • 4 Be able to carry out the assessment of skills, knowledge and achievement
  • 5 Maintain legal and good practice requirements when assessing skills, knowledge and understanding