Security Guard Training

Course Dates

5th – 11th of Jan, Feb, March, April and Dec

Course Length

7 Days

Course Cost

$3335 $2500
(25% OFF)

Course Location

UK, Thailand and Sri Lanka


American Bodyguard Academy are set up for female only classes in many remits such as shooting and unarmed combat.
Our instructors are a mix of female and male with decades of experience and will put you to the test with their own methods of defence against a person twice your size and weight. (Poor men)
In fact, we have a tried and tested mythology, once drilled into the student can be used to defend any form of attack against them in almost any place and circumstance.
Of course, we have multiple attackers scenarios, and for this you will also learn the methods of distract and escape, even conflict management skills learned from females in Middle East that have built a lifetime of these skills for evading sexual assault from their male dominant country. It’s all about saving your own life to live another day.
We know that the ratios of rapes in every country are high, and it’s astonishing that this is increasing in the modern world. We also know the number of violent non-rape attacks on females are increasing. These attacks can be from other females looking at social media bait clicks and views to the happy slap games that can be appalling, Gangs culture and bullying are also on the up and lastly the absolute violence from humans for the smallest reasons.

Awesome new ways to stop your attacker!!

Sexual assault from every considered angel, such as public transport, private taxi, even police and security can now be included.
Domestic violence is at the highest and for sure, the women are now fighting back and using surveillance and personal awareness skills to at least lower the risk.
Now it’s time to defend yourself.
Of course, you can go into the once per week combat course and learn to go up and down the hall with punches and blocks, but this will not do anything against an attacker who will stop at nothing from a little groin pain or a throat chop.
ABA will now teach you the methods that will stop the attacker before they even start with shock and violence. Violence is your friend when you are using it to defend yourself, and this is where we will start in teaching you.

You cannot get this from a book or a weekly course.
Our instructors will show you how to break all the rules when it comes to saving your life or the life of others. You have no choice but to win. Winning is the only way to survive, and no court will find you guilty of winning something you did not start.

New to the Program is the Street Fight Defence System

How it works
The classes are based in our gym and ABA have all the equipment needed so no need to bring anything except yourself and causal and gym kit.
We have the very best equipment and dummy training props so you will get the realistic feel of most tools used in attacks.
ABA provide lunch and drinks and water all day. so eat well in the morning early few hours prior to the class start time of 0900.
We have mastered the art of timings and the only way you will keep what we teach you is by not over training.
0900-1000 : warm up, fitness test, stretches and yoga.
15 mins break
1015 – 1300: practical tactics
1300 – 1345 : lunch
1345 – 1600: practical tactics
1600 – 1615: break
1615 – 1700: warm down and what we have learned summary and showcase
1700 – 1800: theory
1800hrs end
ABA are like no other combat training provider.
ABA are a security training government level provider for special units around the world and as such we have learned from the best of the best what methods work and what don’t.
When you look at the art of Wing Chun and Muay Thai this tells you that the basic for women starts here. Women must use their attributes or what they already have over men, flexibility, and finesse. Speed is also a feature.
So, we use not only the ABA violence and rules breaking but we sprinkle a little martial arts on top.


ABA 7 Day SFD – Street Fight Defence

Skill Prerequisites

Good Understanding For English


  • Personal security. 
  • Situational awareness. 
  • Fitness. 
  • Mental awareness and attitude.
  • Learn to be violent 
  • Pressure points 
  • Eyes, ears, and nose grabs 
  • Throat chops and grain grab and slaps 
  • Blocks, chops and counter strikes 
  • Proximities and how and where to stand (stance).
  • Strikes – legs and arms.
  • Grip & strangle releases.
  • Joint manipulation and pressure points.
  • Using their body weight to your advantage.
  • Floor and wall work.
  • Understanding weapons – guns – knives – batons 
  • Disarming assailants 
  • The use of small stick Kubaton