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Our commitment to empowering females shines through our exclusive courses designed for their unique needs:

ABA Advanced Unarmed Combat

ABA 7 Day SFD (Street Fight Defence) - Krav Mega

ABA All Inclusive Unarmed Combat From Zero to Hero

Welcome to the American Bodyguard Academy – Empowering Women through Self-Defense!
At the American Bodyguard Academy, we prioritize creating a safe and inclusive environment for all. Recently, we’ve introduced a Female Self-Defense Champion Instructor who conducts live, virtual classes online, ensuring accessibility for women seeking to enhance their self-defense skills.
Our academy proudly offers female-only classes in various areas, including shooting and unarmed combat. Our seasoned instructors, comprising both females and males with decades of experience, challenge students with effective defense methods tailored to counter adversaries of different sizes.
We’ve developed a proven methodology that, once ingrained in the student, can be applied to defend against various attacks in diverse environments. From one-on-one situations to scenarios involving multiple attackers, our training encompasses distraction techniques, escape strategies, and conflict management skills inspired by the experiences of women in the Middle East.
Acknowledging the alarming rise in sexual assaults and violent attacks on females globally, our curriculum addresses real-world challenges. We delve into scenarios like social media threats, gang culture, bullying, and violence stemming from seemingly minor conflicts. Our focus extends to preparing individuals for potential risks in various settings, including public transport, private taxis, and even encounters with authorities.
In the face of increasing domestic violence, we empower women to fight back. Through the incorporation of surveillance and personal awareness skills, we aim to reduce the risks associated with such situations. At the American Bodyguard Academy, our commitment is to equip women with the knowledge and skills needed to safeguard themselves and navigate the challenges of the modern world.
Join us on this empowering journey at the American Bodyguard Academy – where self-defense meets strength, resilience, and community support.

Now it’s time to defend yourself.

Step into the safe realm of self-defense sophistication with the American Bodyguard Academy – tailored for the discerning audience of females, including teens and those navigating college dorms or solo travels. In a world where personal safety is a paramount concern, our comprehensive courses transcend conventional combat training.

While a weekly combat course may introduce basic punches and blocks, it falls short when confronted with assailants who disregard conventional defenses. At ABA, we elevate your defense strategies by imparting methods that preemptively deter attackers, employing shock and strategic violence as defensive tools. Violence, when utilized for self-defense, becomes a powerful ally – a concept we meticulously instill in our training.

Our refined curriculum is designed to cater to the specific needs of females in diverse scenarios. Whether you’re a teen seeking empowerment, a college student navigating dorm life, or a woman traveling independently or with friends, ABA provides the skills to thwart potential threats. Recognizing the heightened vulnerability of females in various settings, including travel and college environments, our courses extend to NGOs and all females who recognize the imperative need for self-defense in an imperfect world.

It’s not merely about combat; it’s about cultivating an adept understanding of self-defense strategies that can neutralize threats efficiently. Join the American Bodyguard Academy – where sophistication meets empowerment, and where violence becomes a strategic tool in ensuring your safety.

Unlocking life-saving skills goes beyond the confines of books or weekly courses – it’s an art mastered through experience. At the American Bodyguard Academy (ABA), we don’t just teach self-defense; we redefine the rules to ensure your victory in challenging situations. Winning is not just an option; it’s the imperative path to survival, and at ABA, your victory is not just justified; it’s unquestionable.

How it works

The classes are based in our gym and ABA have all the equipment needed so no need to bring anything except yourself and causal and gym kit.

We have the very best equipment and dummy training props so you will get the realistic feel of most tools used in attacks.

ABA provide lunch and drinks and water all day. so eat well in the morning early few hours prior to the class start time of 0900.

We have mastered the art of timings and the only way you will keep what we teach you is by not over training.

0900-1000 warm up, fitness test, stretches and yoga.

15 mins break

1015 – 1300 practical tactics

1300 – 1345 lunch

1345 – 1600 practical tactics

1600 – 1615 break

1615 – 1700 warm down and what we have learned summary and showcase

1700 – 1800 theory

1800hrs end

How It Works:

  • All classes are conducted in our well-equipped gym; no need to bring anything but yourself and casual gym attire.
  • ABA provides top-notch equipment and dummy training props for a realistic experience.
  • Lunch, drinks, and water are provided throughout the day; fuel up in the morning a few hours before the 9:00 AM start.
  • Our expertly timed schedule ensures optimal learning without overtraining.

Daily Schedule:

  • 09:00 – 10:00: Warm-up, fitness test, stretches, and yoga.
  • 10:00 – 10:15: 15 mins break.
  • 10:15 – 13:00: Practical tactics.
  • 13:00 – 13:45: Lunch break.
  • 13:45 – 16:00: More practical tactics.
  • 16:00 – 16:15: Short break.
  • 16:15 – 17:00: Warm-down, summary of lessons, and showcase.
  • 17:00 – 18:00: Theory session.

Embark on this transformative journey with ABA, where breaking boundaries isn’t just encouraged – it’s the key to your safety and empowerment.

American Bodyguard Academy (ABA) stands out as a unique combat training provider, setting itself apart from others in the field. As a government-level security training provider for special units globally, our expertise is derived from learning and collaborating with the best in the industry.

Drawing inspiration from martial arts disciplines like Wing Chun and Muay Thai, we recognize that the foundation for women’s self-defense lies in harnessing their unique attributes – flexibility, finesse, and speed. At ABA, we go beyond conventional methods, incorporating our distinctive approach of violence and rule-breaking, complemented by a touch of martial arts finesse.

ABA Advanced Unarmed Combat