H.E.A.T Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Awareness for Executives and CEOs working in High Risk areas

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April 2021

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Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) Is An Intensive Practical Course With Hands-On Activities That Allow Participants To Explore Their Behaviour And Learn, Apply, And Experience Lifesaving Behaviours Through Realistic Simulations In A High-Risk Environment.

The Aim Is To Improve Personal Security And Self-Awareness For NGO Workers. Our Well-Tested Learning Process Builds On 3 Phase Methodology Of (1) Learning Theory, (2) Putting Classroom Learning Into A Practice, And (3) Testing Your Newly Gained Skills In Realistic Simulations.

5 Days Of Intense Training For Hostile Environment Covering All Aspects From Theory To Practical With A Multiple-Choice Exam To Complete The Course.

 Anyone Wishing To Enter The High-Risk Industry Would Seriously Need To Take This Type Of Training This Qualification Is Designed For Those Learners Wishing To Apply For A Job In The Overseas High-Risk Industry. The 5-Day Course Also Gives The Learner The Minimum Requirements To Apply For Overseas High-Risk Jobs Such As Middle East, Africa, And South America.


This Qualification Looks At Hostile Environment Awareness. How To Plan For And Work Within Hostile Environments. How To Assess And Manage Risks On This Practical And Workshop-Based Programmed. Establish And Maintain Organization, Communication, And Information Systems. Monitor Project Progress, Agree Corrective Action, And Communicate As Appropriate With Relevant Persons. Also Sets Out The Skills, Knowledge And Understanding To Maintain Personal And Operational Security Through Anti-Surveillance Techniques And Maintaining Situational Awareness Allowing Monitoring And Minimizing Of Patterns And Habits To Avoid Predictability And The Opportunity For Attack On Self Or Others

Working in Challenging Or Hostile Environments Requires A Great Deal Of Planning And Co-Ordination. The Level 2 Certificate In Hostile Environment Security Operations Provides The Standards That Must Be Achieved By Individuals Who Are Overseeing Operations In A Hostile Environment.



Level 2 in Hostile Environment Awareness Training


Evidence Of Managerial, Aid-Worker Level Or Work Reason For Participating In This Course.


  • Survival Skills (Water, Food, Shelter)
  • Landmines, UXO & IEDs
  • Navigation & Topography
  • First Aid
  • Abduction & Hostage Taking
  • Coping With Sexual Violence
  • Stress Management & Defusing
  • Field Communication & Equipment
  • Security Planning
  • Context & Risk Assessment
  • Familiarization With Weapons
  • Checkpoints & Roadblocks
  • Crossfire
  • Travel Security
  • Cultural Awareness & Security Strategies
  • Better Awareness Of How I React Under Stress.
  • Improved Understanding Of How An Individual’s Behaviour Can Affect A Team In Stressful Situations.
  • Increased Understanding Of The Need To Analyse Situations Ahead Of Time; And,
  • Appreciation For Thinking/Sensing/Analysing Before Acting.