ProQual Level 2 Award in First Aid at Work Awareness

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24 Hours

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At American Bodyguard, we are proud to offer the ProQual Level 2 Award in First Aid at Work Awareness a comprehensive program designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to emergencies. Whether you’re a security professional, student, or someone passionate about safety, this course, available both online and in live sessions, is tailored to meet your needs.

The Level 2 Award in First Aid at Work Awareness is a knowledge-based qualification for individuals working in all sectors which aims to raise awareness of a range of first aid emergencies in the workplace.
The awarding organisation for this qualification is ProQual Awarding Body and the regulatory body is the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).
This qualification has been accredited onto the Regulated Qualifications Framework.

Course Overview:

ProQual Accreditation:

Our First Aid at Work Awareness course is accredited by ProQual, a leading awarding body. Gain a certification that is recognized for its quality and adherence to industry standards.

Flexible Learning Options:
Choose the learning format that suits you. Attend live sessions conducted by experienced instructors or opt for the convenience of online learning. We understand that everyone has a unique schedule, and our course accommodates your preferences.
Comprehensive Curriculum:  
Delve into a robust curriculum covering essential first aid topics. From assessing the situation to providing initial care, this course equips you with the skills needed to act confidently in various emergency scenarios.
Real-World Application:  
Our training goes beyond theory. Benefit from practical insights and scenarios that mirror real-world situations. Learn how to apply first aid principles effectively, whether online or in a live setting.
Suitable for Diverse Audiences:    
This course caters to a broad audience, including security professionals, students pursuing a medical career, and individuals seeking foundational first aid knowledge. The content is tailored to address the needs of different sectors.

Course Highlights:

Emergency Response:    
Develop a clear understanding of how to respond to a range of medical emergencies, from minor injuries to critical incidents.
CPR and AED Training:      
Learn life-saving techniques, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs).
Wound Care and Injury Management:      
Master the basics of wound care, injury assessment, and effective management until professional help arrives.
Interactive Learning Modules:        
Engage with interactive modules that enhance your practical skills. Simulate emergency scenarios to reinforce your learning.
Upon successful completion of the ProQual Level 2 Award in First Aid at Work Awareness, you will receive a certification that not only demonstrates your competence but also aligns with industry standards.
Embark on Your First Aid Journey:          
Enroll now and gain the knowledge and confidence to make a positive impact in emergency situations. Whether you prefer online learning or live sessions, American Bodyguard is committed to providing high-quality first aid training tailored to your needs. Start your course today and become a capable first responder.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification. Centres should carry out an initial assessment of candidate skills and knowledge to identify any gaps and help plan the assessment. This qualification is approved for candidates aged 19+

Qualification Structure

Candidates must complete the Mandatory Unit.


Candidates must demonstrate the level of knowledge described in the unit. Assessment is the process of measuring a candidate’s knowledge and understanding against the standards set in the qualification.

Each candidate is required to produce evidence which demonstrates their achievement of all of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each unit.

Learning outcomes set out what a candidate is expected to know, understand or be able to do.

Assessment criteria specify the standard a candidate must meet to show the learning outcome has been achieved.

Evidence can include:

  • workbooks
  • portfolio of evidence




24 Hours


Pass Or Fail Assessed And Verified By Centre Staff External Quality Assurance By ProQual Verifiers Qualification


  1. Course Introduction
  2. Primary Survey & Resuscitation (CPR AED)
    1. Knowledge Development
    2. Skills Development
    3. Scenario Practice
  3. Secondary Survey
    1. Head to Toe Examination
  4. First Aid Basics
    1. Roles and Responsibilities of a first aider
    2. Maintaining the First Aid Kit
    3. Assess the Scene
    4. Phone for Help
    5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    6. Remove Protective Gloves Properly
    7. Actions for Exposure to Blood
    8. Use Caution when Moving an Ill or Injured Person
  5. Medical Emergencies
    1. Breathing problems
    2. Choking
    3. Allergic reactions
    4. Heart Attack
    5. Diabetes and low blood sugar
    6. Stroke
    7. Seizure
  6. Injury Emergencies
    1.  External Bleeding
    2. Shock
    3. Wounds
    4. Internal bleeding
    5. Head, neck, and spinal injuries
    6. Broken bones and sprains
    7.  Burns and electrical injuries
  7. Environmental Emergencies
    1. Bites and stings
    2. Heat-related emergencies
    3. Cold-related emergencies
    4. Poison emergencies
  8. Environment
  9. Casualty Handover Details