Participant’s Journey

“There is no elevator to success, You have to take the stairs”
– Zig Ziglar

American Bodyguard Academy 

Bodyguard Academy


American Bodyguard Academy


Like most teenagers I had a lot of passion and a thirst for adventure, but little experience, motivation for school or self-discipline. Sorely lacking any real practical skill sets or job experience for later in life besides typing on a computer, I dreaded the thought of working at Starbucks for 4 years at Uni only to spend the next 30 years driving a desk. Then I found ABA through an older friend who dabbled in the Security Industry and signed up the the 28-day CPO Course in summer of 2020. Suddenly in a foreign land, thrust in with a group of professionals I rose at the crack of dawn and hit the rack past midnight after intense days of highly concentrated learning of the broadest subject matter and practical exercises. We planned detailed and complex missions, surveilled live targets through villages, searched vehicles for explosives and swung Kalashnikovs on the range…. It was the wildest most intense adventure and pushed me way past my limits and comfort zone. I knew quickly I had found something very special.

C.W is one of the most experienced professionals I ever met with truly profound and broad industry knowledge, he has all the intensity of an un-exploded bomb but is actually quite a skilled and patient teacher. T.EJ is a crack surveillance operative with the kind of streets skills you can only get by growing up in dangerous environments. She’s a great negotiator and businesswoman and just as comfortable manoeuvring through a star-studded London gala or a street market in Iraq. She brings all this knowledge into the classroom and in practical exercises out on the streets. For all C.W’s intensity, T.EJ is the still water which runs very deep.

Since my first course, I’ve taken more advanced training with this company and without fail they deliver the same level of quality, massive amount of material and highly challenging practical exercises. At 19 I’ve gained a maturity, practical skills sets and life experience far beyond my young years, all highly applicable to a future of exciting careers and travel. Through ABA, I’ve already started working in the industry and traveled to South America and the Middle East while my friends are still flipping burgers. In conclusion, it takes a very special type of well rounded person to succeed as a Close Protection Operative who ticks all the boxes, mentally, physically and culturally. But any motivated young person will benefit greatly from courses with this company and I just can’t recommend them enough.

- W.G