ABA Dynamic Pistol 9mm

Dynamic Pistol 9mm Live Firearms


Any time of the month


5 Days




USA, UK, Lebanon and Thailand

Course Information

Main goal of this course is to improve and develop practical skills in the area of using the pistol as your main weapon. Classroom and live range exercises prepare you, also with use of fx simunition. Final course drills focuses on tactical shooting, to identify and eliminate threats.

This course available in:

  • USA
  • Italy
  • Thailand
  • Lebanon
Accommodation included


ABA Level 5 Dynamic 9mm Pistol live Firearms


  • Online ABA Pistol Safety course
  • ABA Basic Pistol
  • ABA Basic Tactical 9mm Pistol
  • ABA Advanced Pistol 9mm – V.C.Q.B. (Vehicle Close Quarter Battle)


  • Refresh Gun Safety Rules And Range Safety Procedures
  • Dynamic Shooting
  • Team Dynamic Shooting Drills
  • Weapon Manipulation In Dynamic Tactical Situations
  • Alternate Shooting Positions
  • Shooting From Several Positions And With Use Of Covers
  • Extremely Close-Range Pistol Shooting
  • Under Stress Shooting Drills
  • Shooting Scenarios
  • Force On Force Drills With FX Simunition
  • EXAM