14 Day Level 4 C.T.R. Close Target Reconnaissance

SURVEILLANCE/ 14 Day C.T.R. Close Target Reconnaissance

Course Dates

August, September, October, November, December

Course Length

14 Days

Course Cost



USA, United Kingdom, Lebanon, Italy, Thailand


Anyone Wishing To Enhance Their Surveillance Skills And Keep Them Sharp, Anyone Wishing To Get Into The Remit Of Security And Investigations. The course is designed to teach students how to insert, establish and run observations posts from rural hides in order to gather evidence and intelligence. This course includes Unit 1 and 2 of the Sniper Elite course.

Course Information

14 Days Of Intense Training For Surveillance Covering All Aspects From Theory To Practical In The Skills Of Close Target Reconnaissance Within The Surveillance Industry and as part of insertion techniques for Sniper Elite.
Coalition forces often use Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR) units for the persistent surveillance of potential threats. CTRs track suspect movements through Tagging, Tracking, and Locating (TTL) and Technical Audio and Video systems. Advanced Mission Systems (AMS) offers customized CTR training to members of Special Operations Forces, and the Intelligence community. In combination with physical and technical surveillance practices, students are trained to utilize CTR techniques for the collection of information on facilities, activities, or persons of interest. Skills are taught in a manner that can be adapted to a variety of operational situations, and courses can be tailored to meet the specific training objectives of our customers.
Our “crawl, walk, run” approach allows adequate time for the progression of student learning and enhances students’ ability to move from the theoretical to the practical. Practical exercises and workshops build in intensity to develop a comprehensive learning experience.


Award in 14 Day C.T.R. Close Target Reconnaissance


  • Level 1 Basic Online Surveillance
  • Drivers’ Licence Any Nationality


Rural OP Overview

  • Operational Planning & Risk Management
  • Basic Photography
  • Threat And Risk Analysis
  • Triggering The Target
  • Tactical Movement To The OP (Route Selection)
  • Communications
  • Seen But Not Noticed
  • Kit & Equipment Needed For Sustained Rural Deployments
  • Voice Procedure & Reporting (Keeping An OP Log)
  • Strategic Covert Insertion & Extraction Into The Target Area
  • Rural OP (Hide Construction) In And Out Selections
  • Camouflage & Concealment
  • Operation From A Rural OP
  • Basic Photography
  • Threat And Risk Analysis
  • Triggering The Target
  • Communications
  • Seen But Not Noticed
  • Actions On Compromise