Level 3 Tactical Firearms (Rifle/Carbine)

Tactical Basic Live Shooting Carbine/Rifle Course

Course Dates

25th Of Every Month

Course Length


Course Cost



Italy, Sardinia, Nearest Airport Cagliari Airport

Course Information

Main Target Of This Course Is To Upgrade And Develop Knowledge And Skills In The Area Of Using The AR-15 Or AK Carbine Platform. Course Contains 100% Of The Tactical Training On The Shooting Range. There Is A Separate Exercise With Use Of FX Simunition. Final Course Drills Focus On Tactical Shooting To Identify And Eliminate Hazards.


Award For The Skill Level In Which You Took This Course.

The Representative  Will Present You With Your Award At The End Of  The Course


IOF Level 1 Rifle


  • Refresh Gun Safety Rules And Range Safety Procedures
  • Multiple Targets Live Shooting 5.56/7.62mm
  • Body Positions
  • Emergency Mag Change And Tactical Mag Change
  • Stoppages
  • Metal Sights And Red Dot
  • Carabine Design And Mechanics
  • Gear Preparation (Sling, Mag Pouches Etc.)
  • Fundamentals Of Carbine Shooting
  • Tactical Shooting Principles
  • Ready Positions
  • Speed Reloads
  • Tactical Reload
  • Malfunctions
  • Double Shots
  • Multiple Targets
  • Alternate Shooting Positions
  • Weapon Maintenance
  • Exam