7 Day ABA Level 2 Unarmed Combat

"VIP Bodyguard" Executive Close Protection /Unarmed Combat​


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USA, UK, Thailand, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Spain, Italy and singapore

Course Information

Welcome to the ultimate Close Protection Unarmed Combat course at American Bodyguard Academy, where we transform you into a formidable protector in just 7 days. With 45 guided learning hours packed with theory and practical exercises, this intensive program equips you with essential skills to excel in high-risk security scenarios.
Under the guidance of our highly experienced tutors, get ready to push your limits and train harder than ever before. Each day is packed with rigorous training sessions, ensuring that you are fully prepared for the challenges of real-world bodyguarding duties.
Our course culminates in 3 days of final exercises, where you’ll have the opportunity to apply your newly acquired skills in protecting three different types of clients. From medium to high-risk scenarios, this course prepares you to handle diverse security challenges with confidence and precision.
Led by our Master Krav Maga Instructors, you’ll learn the most effective defensive movements to counter the most common assaults encountered in the field. From pressure points to joint manipulation, you’ll discover techniques to neutralize threats swiftly and decisively.
In addition to unarmed combat, our course includes specialized training in edged weapon defense, instructed by the Master of Edged Weapons and Blade Fighting. You’ll learn essential techniques to defend against armed attacks, ensuring the safety of yourself and your client in any situation.
Join us at American Bodyguard Academy and embark on a transformative journey to become a skilled and confident Close Protection Specialist. With our comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, and hands-on training, you’ll emerge as a highly proficient protector ready to face the challenges of the modern security landscape.


Defensive Combat Survival + Psychology of Fighting


Reasonable Understanding Of The English Language, Reasonable Fitness Level 


  • Understand The Principles Of Conflict Management Appropriate To Their Role
  • Understand How To Recognize, Assess And Reduce Risk In Conflict Situations
  • Basic Fight Modes (Dealing With The Most Common Attacks From Unarmed Persons.
  • Understand How To Communicate In Emotive Situations To De-Escalate Conflict
  • Understand How To Develop And Use Problem-Solving Strategies For Resolving Conflict
  • Understand Good Practice To Follow Conflict Situations
  • How To Disarm Threat From Knife, Baton And Machete Attack
  • How To Disarm Threat From Handgun Attack
  • How To Disarm Threat From Long Weapons
  • How To Restrain And Control Threats
  • SOP’s After Takedown