ABA Level 1 (Pistol) Concealed Carry Weapons CCW For Civilians And Home Defence

Pistol Concealed Carry For Civilians (Pistol 1 Required)


Any time of the month


1 Days




USA, UK, Lebanon and Thailand

Course Information

Concealed carry and home defence fundamentals is a comprehensive course for anyone considering owning or carrying a firearm for self-defence. The course is a complete guide to understanding conflict avoidance and situational awareness; home security and home defence; handgun, shotgun and ar-15 basics; shooting fundamentals; the physiology of violent encounters; the legal aspects of using deadly force (including knowing what to do in the aftermath); and a complete guide on gear, gadgets, and ongoing training.


This course is designed to save your life and the life of others.


Where we do not need to take a life, but at the same time we do need to protect our own life and the life of others. If you are interested in making the right decisions that will live with you for your entire life, then this course is a must.


It is important to understand the threat before you just shoot. Many humans are in a desperate state and maybe the theft or break in is all their purpose is. Although you still have the right to bear arms you may not have the moral right to shoot to kill.

We teach you how to deal with the threats and the surroundings and how to actually manage the threat whilst being in total control of the situation.


ABA Level 1 (Pistol) Concealed Carry Weapons CCW For Civilians And Home Defence




  • This Course Will Be Assessed By The Range Officer And Firearms Instructor For Safety (NSP’s), Range Protocol, Manners, Emergency Actions, Accuracy And Speed.
  • It Will Be Assessed By 80% Practical And 20% Theory Examination


Award for the skill level in which you took this course.

The representative of  will present you with your award at the end of the course

Skill Prerequisites

 Level 1 Pistol Online


  • Refresh gun safety rules and range safety procedures
  • Holsters and equipment for civilians
  • Different types of concealment for cpo
  • Instinctive shooting and accuracy
  • Exam