Into Medicine


June, July, August & November


2 weeks






Welcome to the American Bodyguard Academy’s Medical Foundations Live Course

At the American Bodyguard Academy, we are thrilled to introduce our live course designed to lay the groundwork for aspiring medical professionals. This comprehensive program spans two weeks, offering a deep dive into crucial medical concepts, anatomy, and the integration of cutting-edge technology in healthcare.

Course Highlights:

Curriculum Tailored for Aspiring Medical Professionals:
Explore the intricacies of the human body, delve into the anatomy of the brain, and gain insights into the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
Develop a solid foundation in understanding common diseases and enhancing your ability to take a comprehensive medical history.
Glimpse into the Future of Medicine with AI:

Get a firsthand look at how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the medical field.

Explore future trends, emerging technologies, and the evolving role of AI in healthcare.

Accelerated Learning with Accreditation:

Accredited by the American Bodyguard Academy and UCP Group, our program assures quality education and recognition in the field.

Ideal for students pursuing attendance at UK universities, providing a solid foundation for medical studies.


This course is tailored for students aged 14 and above who aspire to enter the medical field or are considering attending UK universities. Whether you’re exploring medical studies or want to enhance your understanding of healthcare fundamentals, this course provides valuable insights.


Our Live Medical Foundations course is accredited by both the American Bodyguard Academy and the UCP Group. This accreditation ensures that you receive a recognized qualification, enhancing your academic portfolio and preparing you for the rigors of higher education.

Enroll Now:

Seize this opportunity to accelerate your understanding of medical foundations and gain a competitive edge in your academic journey. Enroll today and step confidently into the realm of healthcare knowledge, backed by accreditation from esteemed institutions – the American Bodyguard Academy and the UCP Group. Your future in medicine begins here!


Into Medicine


2 weeks




1: Introduction to Human Anatomy
2: Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems
3: Common Diseases
4: Glimpse of AI and Future of Medicine