24 Day ABA Level 4 Executive and Hostile Environment Close Protection Officer with Firearms Tactics

Working as a Close Protection Officer within the Executive and Hostile Environment Private Security Industry Sectors


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USA, UK, Thailand, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Spain

Course Information

This qualification is meticulously crafted for individuals aspiring to excel in the high-stakes world of close protection, both armed and unarmed. Unlike any other training program, American Bodyguard Academy offers a unique learning experience where instructors are unparalleled in their expertise, ensuring you’re fully prepared for the challenges of the field. Our comprehensive close protection course covers all aspects from theory to practical application, including firearms and tactics, SERE training, and surveillance techniques. With 24 guided learning days, you’ll undergo rigorous training under the guidance of highly experienced tutors, pushing your limits every single day. The course culminates in 3 days of final exercises, simulating real-world scenarios to prepare you for diverse clientele and high-risk environments. From celebrity bodyguarding to armed private security contracts in regions like the Middle East and Africa, this course equips you with the skills and confidence to succeed in any close protection role, both domestically and overseas. At American Bodyguard Academy, if you shine, we’ll recruit you—because excellence deserves recognition.


  • RQF Level 4 Working as a Close Protection Officer within the Private Security Industry
  • Level 4 HECPO Hostile Environment Close Protection Officer
  • Level 3 Weapons Proficiency
  • Level 2 SERE B


  • Level 2 English
  • Good fitness level
  • level 2 CPO or Online Level 3 CPO ( Free with purchase )


Level 3 ABA Executive Close Protection

  • Surveillance Rural, Urban And Technical, Including Reconnaissance
  • Level 4 Hostile Environment Close Protection (Pre-Deployment Administrative Requirements And Introduction To Operating In Hostile Environments. Rules On Use Of Force, Cultural, IED Awareness, Anti-Ambush Drills (Foot And Vehicle) Reaction To Attack.
  • PSD/PMC Roles And Responsibilities Including Small Team Tactics-Communications-Reacting To Trauma (Casevec) – Search – Kidnap For Ransom
  •  Level 3 Weapons Proficiency Live Firearms, Which Meet The ISO 28007 Requirements For Both Armed Security In Close Protection And Maritime Anti-Piracy Roles.