Essential Culinary Foundations Certificate at American Bodyguard Academy

A 3-Month Online Exploration with Chef-Led Sessions

Location & Dates

Online - Anywhere, Anytime

Program Duration

3 Months

Program Overview:

Embark on a foundational journey into the culinary world with our Essential Culinary Foundations Certificate at American Bodyguard Academy. This dynamic 3-month program is tailored for individuals seeking to build fundamental culinary skills and knowledge. Explore fundamental cooking techniques, kitchen safety, hygiene practices, and basic ingredient knowledge in a chef-led virtual environment.


Essential Culinary Foundations Certificate at American Bodyguard Academy


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Module 1: Fundamental Cooking Techniques

  • Session 1: Knife Skills and Culinary Basics
    • Master essential knife skills and learn culinary basics.
  • Session 2: Heat Application Techniques
    • Understand cooking methods such as sautéing, boiling, and simmering.
  • Session 3: Introduction to Baking and Pastry
    • Explore basic concepts of baking and pastry making.
  • Session 4: Practical Applications of Culinary Fundamentals
    • Apply learned techniques in practical, chef-led sessions.

Module 2: Kitchen Safety and Hygiene

  • Session 1: Safety Protocols in the Kitchen
    • Learn essential safety measures for a professional kitchen.
  • Session 2: Food Handling and Sanitation
    • Understand proper food handling and sanitation practices.
  • Session 3: Hygiene Practices for Culinary Professionals
    • Establish hygiene practices to maintain a clean culinary environment.
  • Session 4: Chef-Led Simulation: Safety and Hygiene*
    • Participate in chef-led simulations to apply safety and hygiene principles.

Module 3: Basic Ingredient Knowledge

  • Session 1: Essential Pantry Staples
    • Explore fundamental ingredients found in every culinary pantry.
  • Session 2: Introduction to Herbs and Spices
    • Gain insight into using herbs and spices to enhance flavors.
  • Session 3: Understanding Basic Proteins*
    • Learn about various proteins and their culinary applications.
  • Session 4: Chef-Led Ingredient Exploration*
    • Engage in chef-led sessions to explore and experiment with basic ingredients.