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Course Information

Welcome to American Bodyguard Academy’s Level 2 Conflict Management Course

At American Bodyguard Academy, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive training programs designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle conflict situations effectively. Our Level 2 Conflict Management Course, is tailored to meet the needs of security professionals, frontline staff, and individuals seeking to enhance their conflict resolution skills.

Course Overview

Our Level 2 Conflict Management Course offers a structured approach to understanding and managing conflicts in various settings. Whether you are working in the security industry, customer service, or any frontline role, this course will provide you with invaluable tools and techniques to mitigate and de-escalate conflict situations.

Course Content:

Understanding Conflict Management:

  • Recognizing the causes and nature of conflicts
  • Exploring different conflict resolution approaches

Communication Skills in Conflict Management:

  • Developing effective communication strategies
  • Active listening and empathy techniques

Assessing and Reducing Risks in Conflict Situations:

  • Identifying potential risks and hazards
  • Implementing risk reduction measures

Responding to Conflict Incidents:

  • Implementing de-escalation techniques
  • Safely resolving conflicts using appropriate interventions

Course Delivery:

Our Level 2 Conflict Management Course is delivered through a blend of interactive online modules, practical exercises, and instructor-led sessions. Participants have the flexibility to complete the course at their own pace, with access to comprehensive learning materials and resources.


Experienced Instructors:

Learn from seasoned professionals with extensive experience in conflict management and security operations.

Practical Training:

Benefit from hands-on practical exercises and real-world scenarios to reinforce learning outcomes.

Career Advancement:

Enhance your employability and career prospects with a Level 2 Conflict Management Certificate.

Flexible Learning Options:

Access the course online and complete it at your own pace, with the option for instructor-led sessions for personalized guidance.

Enroll Today:

Join us at American Bodyguard Academy and take the first step towards mastering conflict management skills. Enroll in our Level 2 Conflict Management Course and empower yourself to effectively navigate challenging situations with confidence and professionalism. Your journey to becoming a proficient conflict manager starts here.


Online Conflict Management Level 2


  • Session 1. Principles of Conflict Management 
  • Session 2. Recognize And Reduce Conflict Situations
  • Session 3. De-escalate Conflict
  • Session 4. Conflict Management
  • Session 5. Good Practices