ABA Level 1 Certificate in CQB Training

Tactical Advanced Live Shooting Carbine/Rifle Course


Any time of the month


3 Days




USA, UK, Thailand, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Spain and Italy

Course Information

Welcome to the American Bodyguard Academy’s Cutting-Edge CQB Level 1 Training Program – your gateway to mastering Close Quarters Battle techniques in specially designed facilities across international locations.
Intensive Firearms and CQB Training:
Immerse yourself in the world of firearms and Close Quarters Battle with our Level 1 course. Whether you choose the historically rich grounds of the UK, the dynamic environment of Lebanon, or the scenic landscapes of Thailand, our handpicked locations offer the perfect setting for your training.
Exceptional Training Centers:
Our CQB centers are more than just venues – they are meticulously crafted environments designed to simulate real-world scenarios. Experience the intensity of CQB training in locations renowned for their military expertise and combat proficiency.
Prerequisites Tailored to You:  
We understand that participants bring diverse backgrounds. Our firearms prerequisites are flexible and can be determined based on your CV, verifiable experience, or demonstrated skills. Your journey starts with Level 1, setting the foundation for advancement.
Elevate Your Skills to Level 6 Diploma:  
Embark on a progressive journey as you advance through the levels. Our CQB program culminates with the Level 6 Diploma in Hostile Environment Operations, showcasing your high-level CQB proficiency. Qualified participants encounter exciting opportunities and may qualify for our recruitment and “Train to Work” program.
Skills-Based Recruitment:  
At American Bodyguard Academy, we believe in recognizing merit. Qualification for our recruitment and “Train to Work” program is primarily based on your skills performance and your ability to follow instructions effectively. Your success in mastering CQB opens doors to exciting career prospects.
Join us at the forefront of CQB training, where precision, expertise, and adaptability matter. Secure your spot, elevate your skills, and embrace the opportunities that come with being a highly trained operator in hostile environments. The journey begins with CQB Level 1 at American Bodyguard Academy.


ABA Level 1 Certificate in CQB Training


  • IOF Level 1 Online Firearms (Rifle/Carbine)
  • Level 2 Basic Carbine Live Firearms Training
  • Level 3 Basic Tactical Carbine Live Firearms Training
  • Level 4 Dynamic Carbine Live Firearms Training
  • Level 5 Advanced Tactical Carbine Live Firearms Training
  • Level 6 Advanced Dynamic Carbine Live Firearms Training


  • Refresh Gun Safety Rules And Range Safety Procedures
  • One Man Room Clearing Procedures
  • Angles
  • Muzzle Awareness
  • Trigger Discipline
  • Exam