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The Security Driving / B6 Armoured course covers a range of topics, including vehicle dynamics, defensive driving techniques, anti-carjacking strategies, accident procedures, and minimizing the risk of personal attacks.
The B6 vehicle driver training is a specialized course designed to equip security drivers with the skills necessary to operate armoured or protected vehicles effectively. Here’s a breakdown of what it might entail and why it’s crucial for you as a security driver for ABA:

1. Vehicle Familiarization: You’ll learn about the specific armoured or protected vehicles used by ABA, including their features, capabilities, and limitations. This knowledge ensures that you can operate the vehicle safely and efficiently in various situations.

2. Defensive Driving Techniques: The training will cover advanced defensive driving techniques tailored to armoured vehicle operation. This includes evasive manoeuvres, controlled braking, and handling techniques to avoid potential threats on the road.

3. Security Protocols: You’ll be trained in security protocols relevant to your role, such as convoy procedures, threat assessment, and communication strategies. This ensures that you can effectively respond to security threats while transporting clients or valuable assets.

4. Emergency Response: The course will prepare you to handle emergency situations, including ambushes, attacks, or vehicle malfunctions. You’ll learn how to maintain control of the vehicle and protect yourself and your passengers in high-stress scenarios.

5. Weapons Handling (Optional): Depending on the specific requirements of your role, the training may include instruction on firearms handling and tactics. This ensures that you can effectively defend the vehicle and its occupants if necessary.

6. Legal and Ethical Considerations: You’ll receive guidance on the legal and ethical responsibilities of security drivers, including compliance with traffic laws, rules of engagement, and use-of-force policies.

7. Risk Management: The course will teach you how to assess and mitigate risks associated with your role as a security driver, including route planning, situational awareness, and decision-making under pressure.

Taking the B6 vehicle driver training is essential for several reasons:

Safety: Operating armoured vehicles requires specialized skills and knowledge to ensure the safety of yourself, your passengers, and others on the road. Proper training reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

Security: As a security driver for ABA, you may be responsible for transporting high-value assets or individuals in potentially hostile environments. The training equips you to mitigate security threats and respond effectively to emergencies.

Professionalism: Completing specialized training demonstrates your commitment to professionalism and competence as a security driver. It enhances your credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of your employer and clients.

Legal Compliance: Many jurisdictions require security drivers to undergo specialized training and certification to operate armoured vehicles legally. By completing the B6 training, you ensure compliance with relevant regulations and minimize legal liabilities.

Overall, investing in B6 vehicle driver training is a proactive step towards enhancing your skills, ensuring safety and security, and meeting the demanding requirements of your role as a security driver for ABA.


B6 Security Driver

Ofqual Qualification Number




Total Qualification Time

100 hours


  • Valid Driving Licence required
  • ABA Level 2 Basic Award in First Aid at Work Awareness
  • Or Equivalent with Instructor’s Approval


Pass Or Fail Assessed And Verified By Centre Staff External Quality Assurance By ABA Verifiers Qualification


  • Road safety for security chauffeur driving
  • Safety aspects of security chauffeur driving
  • Security chauffeur driving
  • Embus and debus procedures in security chauffeur driving
  • Route selection in security chauffeur driving