3 Day Advanced Vehicle And Foot Drills (Medium To High-Risk Operations) For The Executive Close Protection Operative Working Within The Private Security Industry

3-Day Close Protection Operative Level 3 (SIA Licence Applicable Certificate)


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USA, UK, Thailand, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Spain, Italy and Singapore

Who is this course for?

Anyone wishing to enter the medium to high-risk industry of close protection armed and unarmed and to enter the overseas industry as a trained operative.

The 3-day ABA course also gives the learner the minimum requirements to prepare for the threats and risk and emergency procedures that may come their way.

Course Information

This qualification is designed for those learners wishing to

This course covers all aspects of practical drills and skills for vehicle and foot drills. Including embus and debus drills with vehicles and private jets and yachts protocol and paperwork.  B6 armoured vehicle preparations and techniques. You will be put through your paces from our highly experienced tutors, so prepare to train hard every single day. We finish the course with a final exercise protecting diverse types of clients that you will possibly come across in your future career, so this course really prepares you for medium and high risk and celebrity bodyguarding duties.

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Advanced Vehicle And Foot Drills


  • Level 3 Close Protection


  • Understanding walking drills and communications on foot
  • Understanding vehicle drills and communications in vehicles
  • Understanding the reaction to attack
  • Understanding vip body cover and extraction
  • Understand basic surveillance, anti-surveillance, and counter-surveillance techniques prior to leaving a building.
  • Understand the importance of threat assessment, risk management and operational planning
  • Understand the importance of teamwork and operational briefing within a close protection environment
  • Understand the importance of transport management within the close protection environment