ABA Online Level 2 CQB (Close Quarters Battle) Course

Tactical Advanced Online Shooting Carbine/Rifle Course

Location & Dates

Online - Anywhere, Anytime

Course Duration

44 hours

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Advance your Close Quarters Battle (CQB) skills through our Level 2 online course. This comprehensive training program focuses on tactical maneuvers, room clearing techniques, and weapon deployment strategies essential for close combat scenarios.
Key Features:
  • Flexible Learning: Access lectures and practical demonstrations online, suitable for self-paced learning.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering tactical movement, room clearing procedures, weapon handling, and team coordination.
  • Certification: Earn an ABA Level 2 CQB certification upon successful completion.
Our instructors are seasoned professionals with backgrounds in military and law enforcement, ensuring practical and relevant training.
No prior experience required. Basic understanding of firearms safety recommended.
Enroll now to start mastering CQB techniques from anywhere, at your own pace.


Online Level 2 CQB (Close Quarters Battle) Course


  • Module 1: Introduction to CQB

    • Fundamentals of close quarters combat.
    • Situational awareness and threat assessment.
  • Module 2: Tactical Movement and Positioning

    • Techniques for navigating confined spaces.
    • Strategies for minimizing risk during operations.
  • Module 3: Room Clearing Procedures

    • Methods for clearing rooms efficiently and safely.
    • Communication protocols and team coordination.
  • Module 4: Weapon Handling and Deployment

    • Proper handling of firearms and non-lethal weapons.
    • Techniques for rapid deployment and target acquisition.
  • Module 5: Scenario-Based Training

    • Practical exercises to apply learned skills in simulated environments.
    • Realistic scenarios to enhance decision-making under pressure.