ABA Level 6 Diploma In Business And Administrative Management (VRQ)

Course Information

The Level 6 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management is aimed at administrative and business managers at a senior level, providing them with the knowledge, skills and understanding to be able to make decisions and analyse documents and reports at this level. The qualification has four mandatory units: Strategic Management, Finance for Decision Making, Management Information Systems for Business and Human Resources Management. Learners also have to select and complete two of the optional units.
Barred Units
Two units within this qualification are barred. Barred units exist to allow learners greater choice in how to meet the required number of units achieve a qualification. However, because barred units feature a significant overlap of content, learners are not allowed to take more than one unit of a barred set. The following table displays all of the optional barred units that can be taken within this qualification; only one unit from each pair/set can count towards the learner’s qualification.
What is the progression for someone who has undertaken the Level 6 Diploma?
  • Learners who achieve this qualification can progress to, for example:
  • Degrees in areas business, business management, business administration
  • Business and management undergraduate courses
  • Membership of professional bodies
  • Managerial roles such as operations director, business development manager or company secretary

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