ABA level 3 First Responder Emergency Care


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Course Information

Welcome to the American Bodyguard Academy’s International Academies, where we take pride in offering premier live courses designed to equip individuals with the highest level of skills in first responder care. Our Level 3 First Responder Care course (ABA FREC L3) is crafted to meet international standards, providing a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience.

Course Overview:

At ABA, we recognize the critical role of first responders in emergency situations. The Level 3 First Responder Care course is designed for individuals seeking an advanced understanding of first aid, with a specific focus on real-world applications in various settings.

Course Highlights:

Global Learning Experience:
Join us at our international academies and learn from experienced instructors with a global perspective.
Cutting-Edge Curriculum:
Stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards and best practices in first responder care.
Interactive Training:
Engage in realistic scenarios and simulations to enhance your practical skills.
Receive the American Bodyguard Academy Level 3 First Responder Care certification upon successful completion.

Course Outcome:

Upon completion of the Level 3 First Responder Care course, participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to confidently respond to a wide range of emergencies. Graduates will receive the ABA Level 3 certification, reflecting their commitment to excellence in first responder care.

Target Audience:

  • Security professionals
  • Close Protection Officers (CPOs)
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Emergency response teams
  • Individuals seeking advanced first aid training
Hostile Environment Focus:
The course places a special emphasis on first responder care in hostile environments, preparing individuals to handle emergencies in challenging and high-risk situations. It is particularly beneficial for Close Protection Officers (CPOs) who operate in complex and dynamic environments.
Join us at the American Bodyguard Academy’s International Academies for the Level 3 First Responder Care course and elevate your skills as a first responder. Your commitment to excellence begins with top-tier training from ABA!


ABA level 3 First Responder Emergency Care


5 Days (40 hours)



Qualification number


Skill Prerequisites

Good Understanding For English


Module 1: Core First Responder Skills

  • Scene assessment and incident management
  • Communication and teamwork in emergency response

Module 2: Trauma Care

  • Wound assessment and management
  • Fracture stabilization and splinting techniques

Module 3: Medical Emergencies

  • Recognizing and managing various medical conditions
  • Administering emergency medications

Module 4: Tactical First Aid

  • First responder care in hostile environments
  • Strategies for providing aid during active threats

Module 5: Evacuation and Patient Handover

  • Safe and efficient evacuation procedures
  • Effective communication with professional healthcare providers

Module 6: Psychological First Aid

  • Recognizing and addressing psychological trauma
  • Providing emotional support in crisis situations

Module 7: Practical Scenarios and Assessments

  • Applying learned skills in real-life scenarios
  • Practical assessments to evaluate competency