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Welcome to American Bodyguard, your premier destination for cutting-edge security training. We are thrilled to introduce our Level 2 Mobile Surveillance course, also known as “The Vehicle,” designed to equip you with advanced skills in covert tracking and observation using vehicles. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey that will elevate your surveillance abilities to new heights.
Our course is designed to provide you with comprehensive training in mobile surveillance operations using vehicles. Throughout the four days of the course, you will gain essential theoretical knowledge and skills, empowering you to excel in the field
Welcome to the American Bodyguard Academy’s Level 2 Mobile Surveillance Course! Whether you prefer a self-paced online learning experience or live training in one of our academies located in the UK, USA, or Thailand, this course offers you the flexibility to choose a learning style that suits your needs.

Course Overview

Our Level 2 Mobile Surveillance Course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to excel in mobile surveillance operations. Through a combination of theoretical instruction and practical hands-on training, this course ensures a comprehensive learning experience.

Self-paced Online Course:

For those who prefer to learn at their own pace, our self-paced online course allows you the freedom to study whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. You will have access to our comprehensive online learning platform, which includes video lessons, interactive quizzes, and study materials.


Online ABA Level 2 Basic Mobile Surveillance

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Day 1:

Unit 1: Introduction to Mobile Surveillance

  •   Module 1: Principles of Mobile Surveillance
    •   Lesson: Concepts and Terminology

Day 2:

Unit 2: Advanced Surveillance Equipment

  •   Module 1: High-Tech Surveillance Tools
    •   Lesson: Latest Technological Advancements
  •   Module 2: Covert Surveillance Techniques
    •   Lesson: Hiding in Plain Sight

Day 3:

Unit 3: Counter-Surveillance Measures

  •   Module 1: Spotting and Evading Surveillance
    •   Lesson: Awareness and Detection Techniques
  •   Module 2: Advanced Counter-Surveillance Tactics
    •   Lesson: Countering Counter-Surveillance

Day 4:

Unit 4: Application of Mobile Surveillance

  •   Module 1: Surveillance in Urban Environments
    •   Lesson: Challenges and Strategies
  • Module 2: Surveillance in Rural Environments
    • Lesson: Adapting to Nature’s Challenges
  •   Module 3: Surveillance Ethics and Legal Considerations
    •   Lesson: Conducting Surveillance within Legal Boundaries