ABA Level 2 Advanced First Aid & CPR

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24 Hours

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Welcome to the American Bodyguard Academy, your dedicated partner in comprehensive and life-saving training. Our ABA Level 2 Advanced First Aid & CPR course is thoughtfully designed to equip individuals with advanced skills, ensuring confident responses in emergency situations. While closely aligned with industry standards, our course offers a unique and tailored approach, delivering the knowledge needed to make a meaningful difference.

Course Overview:

First Aid Excellence:

At American Bodyguard Academy, our ABA Level 2 Advanced First Aid & CPR course ensures you receive a solid foundation in advanced first aid principles. Whether you’re a security professional, student, or someone passionate about safety, this course is crafted to meet your unique needs.

Flexible Learning Options:
Choose the learning format that suits you. Our course is available online for self-paced learning or participate in live sessions with our experienced instructors for interactive and engaging training.

Who Should Enroll:

Security Professionals:
Enhance your skill set with advanced first aid training tailored to the needs of security personnel.
Complement your studies with an advanced qualification that stands out in various fields.
Individuals Seeking Advanced First Aid Knowledge:
Whether you’re a medical professional, caregiver, or anyone interested in advanced life-saving skills, this course is for you.

Why Choose American Bodyguard Academy:

Experienced Instructors:  
Learn from seasoned professionals who bring real-world scenarios into the classroom.
Global Reach:  
Access high-quality training regardless of your location and join a community committed to safety and well-being.
Flexible Learning:
Adapt your learning experience to fit your schedule, ensuring that acquiring advanced life-saving skills is convenient for you.
Embark on Your Advanced First Aid Journey:
Enroll now and gain the advanced knowledge and confidence to respond effectively in complex emergency situations. Whether you prefer online learning or live sessions, American Bodyguard Academy is dedicated to providing top-notch advanced first aid training. Start your course today and become a capable advanced first responder.


ABA Online Level 2 Advanced First Aid & CPR


2 (Advanced)


Unit 1: Advanced First Aid Techniques

Explore advanced techniques in first aid response, addressing a variety of complex emergency scenarios.

Unit 2: Advanced Recognition and Management of Illness and Injury

Gain advanced knowledge in recognizing and managing various illnesses and injuries, including high-stakes situations.

Unit 3: Advanced Resuscitation Principles

Master advanced techniques in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

Unit 4: Advanced Trauma Management

Understand advanced trauma management, including the assessment and initial care of complex traumatic injuries.

Unit 5: Advanced Use of Automated External Defibrillators

Explore the safe and advanced use of AEDs, a critical skill in responding to complex cardiac emergencies.