ABA Level 4 PSC (Private Security Contractor) PSD

9 Day Private Security Contractor PSD


Any time of the month


9 Days




USA, UK, Thailand, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Spain and Italy

Course Information

9 days of intense training for the private security contractor covering all aspects from theory to practical with a multiple-choice exam and practical exercise to pass the training course.
The PSC course will guide learners through the military to private transition process entering the employment and interviews with the recruitment companies to gain work in the natural environment already trained and experienced and easy to transition into. Of course, it’s easier of you are former military but not always essential as there are many non-former military working in hostile environments.
So, anyone wishing to enter the high-risk industry of armed close protection would seriously need to take this type of training (former military or not) this qualification is designed for those learners wishing to apply for a job in the private security contractor or overseas high-risk industry. 

Minimum Required Kit List




  • ABA Level 2 Basic Award in First Aid at Work Awareness 
  • ABA Level 4 PSC (Private Security Contractor) PSD
  • ABA Level 3  Weapons Proficiency Award

Skill Prerequisites

  • IOF (eLearning Level 1 Basic Pistol – eLearning Level 1 Basic Carbine)
  • Level 3 Close Protection Certification
  • Reasonable Understanding Of The English Language
  • Reasonable Fitness Level
  • Preferably Former Military And Over 23 Years Of Age.
  • Or Equivalent with Instructor’s Approval


  • Threat Assessment And Risk Analysis – Introduction To PSC.
  • Pre-Deployment Administrative Requirements And Introduction To Operating In Hostile Environments. Rules On Use Of Force.
  • Cultural, IED Awareness.
  • Foot Formations.
  • Vehicle Convoy – Arrivals And Departures.
  • Roles And Responsibilities Of A PSD Team.
  • SOP’s On Providing Security In High-Risk Locations.
  • Ambush Vehicle And Foot Force-On-Force Scenarios With The Use Of Simunition.
  • Reaction To Attack Drills With VIP And As PSD Team And Aim Of Point Drills.
  • Final Examination – Theory And Practice.
  • Anti-Ambush Drills (Foot And Vehicle) Reaction To Attack.
  • PSD/PMC Roles And Responsibilities Including Small Team Tactics-Communications-Reacting To Trauma (Casevec) – Search.
  • Kidnap For Ransom.
  • IOF Level 3 Weapons Proficiency Live Firearms, Which Meet The ISO 28007 Requirements For Both Armed Security In Close Protection And Maritime Anti-Piracy Roles.