28 Day VIP Bodyguard (fire arms + Executive Close Protection + Hostile Environment Close Protection + Level 2 Combined Live Shooting “Weapons Proficiency” 9mm/5.56mm/7.62mm)

+ Mandatory IOF Level 1 Pistol Prerequisites
28-Day Executive And Hostile Close Protection Environment Training Course + Firearms

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£9250 £3000

*Promo Valid For March 2021 Course Only.

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This Uniquely Designed Course Was Developed By Experts With Over 30 Years + Experience Each, Seeing A Gap In This Sector For Most Close Protection Course Training Providers.  This Course To Complement The Standard Close Protection Training. No One Really Covers This Remit And It For Some Reason Off The Radar. But This Role And Responsibility Make Up A Good Percentage Of Tasking.

Working On Your Own Or With A Designated Driver Is Very Common In The Private Security Industry, This Is Called (IBG) Individual Bodyguard.

Working As An Individual Is Actually Harder Than In A Team Due To The Protocols Of This Role That Comes With It. An IBG Has To Be In Two Places At One Time, And The Demand For A Good Operator Is High, Some Of The World’s Highest-Paid Security. A Good IBG Can Fetch Around £1000 Per Day.

But You Have To Look And Act The Part. So, Look In The Mirror Before Booking This Course And Say To Yourself “Have I Got What It Takes To Be An IGB?

Course Dates : Every 1st to 28thof
UK March April May August September
Italy April May June July
USA September December
Thailand October November


Working As An Individual Bodyguard (IBG) Within The Private Security Industry


ELearning CPO Or Full CPO Level 3 Course.


The Qualification Comprises Three Mandatory Units:

Unit 1 – Working As An Individual Bodyguard

  • Understand The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Working As An Individual Bodyguard
  • Understanding Vehicle Drills And Venue Skills Working As An Individual Bodyguard
  • Understanding Reaction To Attack And VIP Body Cover And Extraction Working As An Individual Bodyguard
  • Understanding Surveillance Awareness
  • Understand The Importance Of Interpersonal Skills Within A Close Protection Environment
  • Understand Search Procedures Within A Close Protection Environment
  • Be Able To Establish And Maintain Secure Environments As An Individual Bodyguard

Unit 3 – Conflict Management Within The Private Security Industry

  • Understand The Principles Of Conflict Management Appropriate To Their Role
  • Understand How To Recognise, Assess And Reduce Risk In Conflict Situations
  • Understand How To Communicate In Emotive Situations To De-Escalate Conflict
  • Understand How To Develop And Use Problem-Solving Strategies For Resolving Conflict
  • Understand Good Practice To Follow Conflict Situations