Unarmed Combat

"VIP Bodyguard" Executive Close Protection / Unarmed Combat

Course Dates

Nov - Dec

Course Length

7 Days

Course Cost



United States of America – California

Course Information

The 45 Guided Learning Hours Unarmed Defensive Close Protection Course Covers All Aspects from Theory to Practical.
You Will Be Put Through Your Paces from Our Highly Experienced Tutors, So Prepare To Train Hard Every Single Day. We Finish the Course With 3 Days Of Final Exercises Protecting 3 Types Of Clients That You Will Possibly Come Across In Your Future Career, So This Course Really Prepares You For Medium And High-Risk Bodyguarding Duties.
With our Master Krav Maga Instructors taking you from zero to hero in just 7 days, you will learn the most common defensive movements from the most used assaults against you or your client.
Long, tough days with plenty to learn including pressure points, joints, using the enemy’s weight or height against them.
Edged weapon training is also part of this wonderful course, instructed by the Master of Edged weapons and blade fighting.


Defensive Combat Survival + Phycology of Fighting


Reasonable Understanding Of The English Language, Reasonable Fitness Level Awarded Immediately


  • Understand The Principles Of Conflict Management Appropriate To Their Role
  • Understand How To Recognise, Assess And Reduce Risk In Conflict Situations
  • Basic Fight Modes (Dealing With The Most Common Attacks From Unarmed Persons.
  • Understand How To Communicate In Emotive Situations To De-Escalate Conflict
  • Understand How To Develop And Use Problem-Solving Strategies For Resolving Conflict
  • Understand Good Practice To Follow Conflict Situations
  • How To Disarm Threat From Knife, Baton And Machete Attack
  • How To Disarm Threat From Handgun Attack
  • How To Disarm Threat From Long Weapons
  • How To Restrain And Control Threats
  • SOP’s After Takedown