15 Day Level 6 ProQual Hostile Environment Close Protection “Operations”

Course Length


Course Dates

14th – 28th of every month

Course Cost


Course Location

Lebanon (Beirut)


The combination of the instructors’ experience with training methods makes this a program like no other. You will be trained by former UK Special Forces and Intelligence instructors who will mentor you through the program and if you are a student with exceptional performance there is potential for ABA staff to assist with employment opportunity.

The Level 6 Diploma in Hostile Environment Operations is aimed at personnel deploying within a complex/hostile environment. The qualification demonstrates that an individual has achieved knowledge, understanding and skills which contribute to their safety and survival when operating in a complex/hostile environment.
The awarding organisation for the qualification is ProQual Awarding Body and the regulatory body is the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).
The qualification has been accredited onto the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF).

Key words

  • High Risk Protection
  • Hostile Environment Close Protection Operative (HECPO)
  • Casualty Medical Evacuation
  • Personal Security Detail (PSD)
  • Private Military Contractor (PMC)
  • Tactical Shooter Program
  • Anti-Ambush Drills
  • Force on Force
  • Job Opportunities

Entry Requirements

Candidates must be aged 18+.

Candidates must have good command of English language(reading & writing)

Qualification Structure

Candidates must complete the Mandatory unit.


The unit requires the assessment of knowledge, understanding and skills which can be demonstrated during a rigorous training programme undertaken in a purpose-built training environment.
There must be valid, authentic and sufficient evidence for all the assessment criteria. However, one piece of evidence may be used to meet the requirements of more than one learning outcome or assessment criterion.

Unit R/616/9243
Hostile Environment Operations

Learning outcomes are listed below, full details about the Assessment Criteria are provided to approved ProQual centres.

  1. Effectively plan and prepare for operating in a complex/hostile environment
  2. Competently operate within a crisis management team.
  3. Demonstrate personal security strategies.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of foreign liaisons
  5. Understand the dynamics of radio procedures.
  6. Be competent in incident management.
  7. Have a generic understanding of weapons and mines.
  8. Understand the generic make-up and deployment of mines.
  9. Mitigate the escalation of civil unrest and demonstrations
  10. Understand Improvised explosive device generics and their methodology
  11. Conduct vehicle search.
  12. Provide crisis management within an active shooter scenario.
  13. Follow methodology for conduct under capture/hostage taking
  14. Be competent in escape and evasion techniques.
  15. Show techniques to sustain life
  16. Be able to plan safe routes of passage.
  17. Conduct vehicle ambush drills.
  18. Conduct vehicle mine strike drills.
  19. Demonstrate vehicle breakdown techniques in remote locations.
  20. Understand ballistics and their capabilities.
  21. Show an understanding of firearm characteristics and manipulation.
  22. Identify the reasons for the covert carry of a firearm.
  23. Gain close quarter combat skills (CQC – Self Defence).
  24. Be able to conduct surveillance within a complex/hostile environment.
  25. Be able to conduct Building/Venue reconnaissance.


Candidates who achieve the requirements for qualifications will be awarded:

  • A certificate listing the unit achieved, and
  • A certificate giving the full qualification

Title – ProQual Level 6 Diploma in Hostile Environment Operations

For more information and/or questions please email us


ProQual Level 6 Diploma in Hostile Environment Operations

Ofqual Qualification Number




Total Qualification Time

130 hours


Pass Or Fail Assessed And Verified By Centre Staff External Quality Assurance By ProQual Verifiers Qualification

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