Level 2 Basic 9mm Pistol Live Firearms

7-day Basic 9mm Live Pistol Training

Course Dates

5th Of Every Month

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This Course Is Designed To Begin And Develop Skills For The Student Who Wish To Use Pistol As A Primary Firearm In A Tactical Environment. You Will Practice Skills That Will Reduce Your Reaction Time, Allow You To Shoot Faster With Higher Degree Of Accuracy, And Increase Your Confidence With Your Handgun.

This course available in:

  • USA (Arizona) 
  • Italy (Sardinia)

Accommodation included


Level 2 Award for Basic 9mm Pistol


Level 1 online Pistol Award Within the Past 12 Months


  • Refresh Gun Safety Rules and Range Safety Procedures
  • Different Body Positions
  • Emergency Pistol Mag Change
  • Tactical Pistol Mag Change
  • Stoppages
  • One Hand Shooting
  • Exam