ABA Level 3 Award in Hostile Environment Awareness

Course Dates

1st of every month

Course Duration (Live)

3 Days

Course Location (Live)

USA, UK, Thailand, Spain, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Turkey and Lebanon

Course Information

The Level 3 Award in Hostile Environment Awareness aims to raise the level of knowledge and understanding for individuals working or planning to work in hostile or potentially hostile environments. Topics include identifying risks, planning for incidents and reacting in crises situations in hostile environments.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

Hostile Environment Awareness

Learning Outcome - The learner will: Assessment Criterion - The learner can:

  1. Understand the context of working in a hostile environment

1.1 Explain the results of a context analysis
1.2 Identify external and local sources of information

2. Understand the potential risks of working in a hostile environment

2.1 Identify the nature of risks in terms of
(a) personal risk
(b) organisational risk
2.2 Conduct a risk analysis, identifying threats and
2.3 Demonstrate knowledge of contingency planning,
including an evacuation plan
2.4 Demonstrate a knowledge of planning for incidents,
• the role of an Incident Management Team
• medical incidents
• personal security

3. Understand security risks when working in a hostile

3.1 Demonstrate a knowledge of preparing for and
responding to risks when meeting others and
travelling, including:
• meeting / leasing
• car jacking
• communications
• vehicles
• weapons and mines
• civil unrest and demonstrations
3.2 Demonstrate knowledge of how to manage and
minimise the risks above
3.3 Demonstrate knowledge of the risk of different
types of kidnap, avoidance and survival

4. Understand how to react and respond in a crisis situation in a hostile environment

4.1 Identify typical crisis situations
4.2 Demonstrate knowledge of how to respond in an
active shooter situation, including when law
enforcement arrives at the scene
4.3 Prepare an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
4.4 Describe how to analyse the effectiveness of an EAP


ABA Level 3 in Hostile Environment Awareness Training



ABA Qualification Number



  • Evidence Of Managerial, Aid-Worker Level Or Work Reason For Participating In This Course.
  • ABA Level 2 Basic Award in First Aid at Work Awareness