• ABA Level 6 HECPO CBQ (ProQual) Course Information

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    Many thanks for the interest shown for the Level 6 Diploma in Hostile Environment Operations - Close Quarter Battle course you are about to register. As you may have seen, the course is open to all individuals, government personnel, Military and Law Enforcement agencies.

    The training is of the highest level in Hostile Environment including Firearms and Tactics, Basics of room entry under CQB, force on Force urban Battle techniques, survival, and bush craft, IED, Counter insurgency and vehicle and room search and route planning. Effectively plan and prepare for operating in a complex/hostile environment and 25 more sessions as listed below:

    1. Planning a hostile Mission in a complex environment

    2. Competently operate within a crisis management team.

    3. Demonstrate personal security strategies.

    4. Demonstrate an understanding of foreign liaisons.

    5. Understand the dynamics of radio procedures.

    6. Be competent in incident management.

    7. Have a generic understanding of weapons and mines.

    8. Understand the generic make-up and deployment of mines.

    9. Mitigate the escalation of civil unrest and demonstrations.

    10. Understand Improvised explosive device generics and their methodology

    11. Conduct vehicle search.

    12. Provide crisis management within an active shooter scenario.

    13. Follow methodology for conduct under capture/hostage taking.

    14. Be competent in escape and evasion techniques.

    15. Show techniques to sustain life.

    16. Be able to plan safe routes of passage.

    17. Conduct vehicle ambush drills.

    18. Conduct vehicle mine strike drills.

    19. Demonstrate vehicle breakdown techniques in remote locations.

    20. Understand ballistics and their capabilities.

    21. Show an understanding of firearm characteristics and manipulation.

    22. Identify the reasons for the covert carry of a firearm.

    23. Gain close quarter combat skills (CQC – Self Defense).

    24. Be able to conduct surveillance within a complex/hostile environment.

    25. Be able to conduct Building/Venue reconnaissance.

  • This course is 15 days duration and long hours of hard training so please consider before you book that you will be training hard. Keep in mind you will have to arrive one day before the training starts for check-in, and then there is an additional day for assessment following the last day of physical training. Therefore expect 17 days total for this course.

    You should come to this course with a fair fitness level and be prepared to know your laptop skills such as word and PowerPoint.

    The Level 6 award is recognized as one of the only awards in the HECPO series. The level of training, techniques, and life-learning skills you will receive is beyond any other training provider can offer due to the instructors’ background and experience.

    For us to better serve you and for your convenience, we kindly request you to complete required on-line forms which will follow this letter before you can proceed to register/make payment. If you are unable to make payment online, there is an option to send bank payment.

    Following payment/deposit, you will receive payment confirmation, welcome letter, and a link to complete Part 2 of the required on-line forms. We will also send you attachments including “Physician’s Report” which will need to be completed by medical professional since the training requires physical activity and “What to Bring” so you can start preparing for the course.

    Please be keep in mind the Part 2 on-line forms will have to be completed before you can participant in the training course. An electronic copy of all forms completed on-line including this letter will be sent in electronic format to the email provided at the end of completion.

    If you have any questions with registration or course information, please email us at [email protected].

    We look forward to your participation in Level 6 HECPO CQB.

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    Mr. Criss Watts

    Head of Training and Business Development

    American Bodyguard Academy