Level 2 B6 Armoured Vehicle

Course Dates

20th of every month

Course Length

1 Days

Course Cost


Course Location

Lebanon (Beirut)

Course Information

The main aim of the Security Driving / B6 Armored course is to prepare high level security drivers and give them the necessary set of practical skills. The students will understand vehicle dynamics in various situations on different road conditions. Realistic exercises are the key point to developing defensive driving skills. Particular attention is paid to the usage of weapons in a car. The students come under different types of attacks and are challenged to react. Security Driver Training is designed to improve the car control abilities of licensed drivers at any experience level.This qualification is designed to feed the fundamentals of security driving into the learner and for the learners understanding on what to expect from this wonderful industry.

Minimum Required Kit List


Award in Security Chauffeur Driving (evasive and defensive)


  • Full Drivers License 
  • 18 Years +
  • Level 1 English Language

*All Prerequisite Awards Should Not Be Expired So Please Check The Expiry Date Before Applying

*All Candidates Should Have A Reasonable Level Of Personal Fitness


  • Embus / Debus evacuation of the VIP.
  • Planning considerations
  • Safety Rules
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Risk assessments
  • Driving Fundamentals
  • Maneuvers /J-turns/Y turns/Parking
  • Vehicle preparations
  • Motorcade Operations
  • Communications
  • Motorcade Immediate Action
  • Motorcade Evacuation Techniques
  • Role and responsibilities of the Security Driver
  • Introduction to 4wd systems
  • 4wd vehicle familiarization
  • 4wd security driving
  • Shooting with use of car
  • Advance Shooting for security driver