7 Day Level 4 Advanced V.C.Q.B. Vehicle Close Quarters Battle Carbine 5.56mm/9mm Live Firearms Training

Tactical Advanced Live Shooting Carbine/Rifle Course

Course Dates

1st of every month

Course Length

7 Days

Course Cost



Italy – Sardinia

Course Information



Award For The Skill Level In Which You Took This Course.

The Representative Will Present You With Your Award At The End Of The Course


IOF Level 1 Online Firearms (Rifle/Carbine)
Level 2 Basic Firearms (Rifle/Carbine) To Have Been Completed Within The Last 12 Months


  • Refresh Gun Safety Rules And Range Safety Procedures
  • Team Tactics
  • Dynamic Drills
  • Reaction To Attack (Front, Rear, Left And Right)
  • Exam