Combined Surveillance (Urban – Technical – Rural)

Working as a Surveillance Agent within the Private Security Industry

Course Dates

August - Sep - Nov

Course Length

7 Days

Course Cost




Course Information

7 Days Of Intense Training For Surveillance Covering All Aspects From Theory To Practical With A Multiple-Choice Exam To Complete The Course.
Anyone Wishing To Enter The Surveillance And Investigation Industry, Or Close Protection Remit Would Seriously Need To Take This Type Of Training.


Level 4 Combined SURVEILLANCE (Urban, Rural And Technical)


  • Level 1 Basic Online Surveillance
  • Drivers’ Licence Any Nationality


  • Basic Surveillance And Terminologies
  • Urban Surveillance Techniques
  • Working On Your Own And Within A Team
  • Playing The Grey Man
  • Disguises
  • Foot Follows
  • Vehicle Follows
  • Stake Outs
  • Rural Surveillance And Terminologies
  • Rural Surveillance Techniques
  • Map Reading
  • Model Building
  • Close Target Reconnaissance
  • Hides
  • Disguises
  • Technical Surveillance
  • Bug Finding – Search
  • Bug Planting – Rooms Video And Audio
  • Thermal And Infrared Devices
  • Home-Made Improvised Devices
  • Anti-Surveillance Terminologies
  • Anti-Surveillance Techniques