Combined Surveillance (Urban – Technical – Rural)

Working as a Surveillance Agent within the Private Security Industry

Course Dates

Sep - Nov - Dec

Course Length

21 Days

Course Cost



Italy – Rome

Course Information

21 Days Of Intense Training For Surveillance Covering All Aspects From Theory To Practical With A Multiple-Choice Exam To Complete The Course.

Anyone Wishing To Enter The Surveillance And Investigation Industry, Or Close Protection Remit Would Seriously Need To Take This Type Of Training. This Qualification Is


Level 4 Combined SURVEILLANCE (Urban, Rural And Technical)


  • Level 1 Basic Online Surveillance
  • Drivers’ Licence Any Nationality


  • Basic Surveillance And Terminologies
  • Urban Surveillance Techniques
  • Working On Your Own And Within A Team
  • Playing The Grey Man
  • Disguises
  • Foot Follows
  • Vehicle Follows
  • Stake Outs
  • Rural Surveillance And Terminologies
  • Rural Surveillance Techniques
  • Map Reading
  • Model Building
  • Close Target Reconnaissance
  • Hides
  • Disguises
  • Technical Surveillance
  • Bug Finding – Search
  • Bug Planting – Rooms Video And Audio
  • Thermal And Infrared Devices
  • Home-Made Improvised Devices
  • Anti-Surveillance Terminologies
  • Anti-Surveillance Techniques